Arin Ray Has No Time For Fake Friends In New Song “We Ain’t Homies”

“I ain’t even see you when shit was low, so don’t you to try to act like you really know.”

Grounded singer-songwriter Arin Ray doesn’t have time for frauds in his candid new track, “We Ain’t Homies.” For the Los Angeles-based artist, new success comes with outside assumptions and the unwanted energy of people who claim to know who he really is. Over a laid-back beat, Ray checks opportunists who suddenly appeared once they got word of his come up. Backed by falsetto riffs, he questions the audacity of those imposters as he sings, “Are you for real?”

“Trying to understand me by my past, you will never see my future,” Ray told The FADER. “‘We Ain’t Homies’ was one of the first records I worked on after releasing my Phases EP. I was in the studio with Ef Keys and Chuckie making beats for the new project and it came together very naturally.”